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Concepts in2020 Digital Orthodontic Symposium
4 main topics to be discussed in this symposium:
  • New ideas, New work flows
  • The application of digital IDB
  • Clear aligner treatment
  • The future of orthodontics
What you can learn from this symposium?
  • Digital analysis
  • Digital planning/ digital model set-up
  • Digital workflow in clinical practice
  • Integration of all data: oral scan + CT + face scan
  • In-house aligner treatment
  • Indirect Bonding with new technology
  • Introduction of 3D printing
  • CAD/CAM in orthodontics
Words from Chairman of DOS
Dr. Kelvin, Wen-Chung Chang
Chairman of DOS Dr. Kelvin, Wen-Chung Chang

In the digital era today, new technology continuously changes the way we think and act. The digital world has rapidly improved every industry and profession. On the other hand, there are several shocking stories of some famous international companies that did not adapt to the changing trends and could not survive anymore. The past experience cannot be a guarantee for success in the future. This same thing might happen to our profession as well if we don’t realize the new emerging trends. It’s time for all of us to learn, adapt and change.

Digital Orthodontics are here to stay. It is happening now. This is the trend and it won’t go back. The digital image, digital intraoral scanning, CAD dental software and 3D printing are transforming the traditional workflows. More and more applications are introduced with enhanced speed, precision, efficiency and at a lower cost. In this new way to practice, every orthodontist can choose the proper solution to meet their specific requirements.

There are four main topics in this symposium: “New ideas, new work flows”, “The application of digital IDB”, “Clear aligner treatment” and “The future of orthodontics”. We are so delighted to have these 6 excellent Taiwanese doctors and 8 international distinguished speakers to share their precious experience here with us. If you don’t want to be left behind, join us now. Let’s embrace the future!

Words from President of TAO
Dr. Spinx, Shih-Ping Lu
President of TAO Dr. Spinx, Shih-Ping Lu

Digital orthodontics is changing everything
In modern life, everything goes digital. With the rapid advancement of computer technology, it seems we can’t avoid to be involved in this digital boom. Can you imagine if you still use the conventional mobile phone instead of the smart phone? How much would you miss? Now we refer it to our daily practice of orthodontics. It is the same situation.

If you haven’t jumped into the digital world, I encourage you to do so right away.
Now TAO offers a very good opportunity for you to learn the new stuff from the very basic to advanced. The digital orthodontic course includes 4 main topics to be discussed in this symposium: they are 1. New ideas, New work flows 2. The application of digital IDB 3. Clear aligner treatment 4. The future of orthodontics

Except the 2-day course, TAO also provides the after-course workshop. Here you can touch, see and experience the latest trend in digital orthodontics!
Digital Orthodontics is the next step in the ever-evolving and improving the field of orthodontics. It’s never too late to learn. But if you don’t take the action, you will be left behind in the digital trend. Please take the opportunity and join the 2020 Digital Orthodontic Forum in Taiwan. On behalf of Taiwan Association of Orthodontics. I sincerely welcome all of you to join us. We are looking forward to seeing you soon in Taipei.

Spinx, Shih-Ping Lu
President of TAO

DOS Organizing Committee

President of TAO

Dr. Spinx, Shih-Ping Lu
Dr. Spinx, Shih-Ping Lu
President of TAO

Chairman of DOS

Dr. Spinx, Shih-Ping Lu
Dr. Kelvin, Wen-Chung Chang
Chairman of DOS


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Kimberley, Hsing-Ching Chang
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Dr. Shinhuei Wang
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Dr. Jui-Heng Chang
International Affairs
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