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Hiroshi Samoto(Avatar)

Hiroshi Samoto

  • A Novel Orthodontic Approach for the Treatment of Gingival Recession
  • Apr. 12, 2020 (Sun.) 09:00~10:00
  • Japan


  • The winner of the Global Invisalign Gallery Peer Review Award, 2012 (1st place), 2013(1st, 2nd), 2014(1st, 2nd, 3rd), 2016(1st), 2017(1st) and 2018(1st)
  • Speaker, Asia Pacific Clinical Advisory Board and speaker of Invisalign
  • Certified orthodontist, Japan Orthodontic Society (JOS), 2003
  • PhD in Orthodontics, Nihon University
  • Invisalign trained doctor, 2006~


One of the risk factors during orthodontic treatment is gingival recession. Treatment guidelines to prevent gingival retraction which particularly appear on the buccal side of the anterior teeth have not yet been established. In addition, as a procedure for improvement of the gingival recession, a surgical approach such as free gingival transplantation is common, but there are problems of recurrence afterwards. One of the main causes of gingival recession is an irregular or abnormal tooth position. The reason for this recurrence of gingival recession may be concerned with the relative positional relationship between the root of the tooth and the cortical bone. Control of the root of a tooth with an aligner has several advantages over wires. The following report shows the gingival recession caused during orthodontic treatment is remarkably improved with aligner. Also, we evaluated the thickness of the gingival during recovery by using a digital scanner.


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