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James, Cheng-Tsung Huang(Avatar)

James, Cheng-Tsung Huang

  • Innovative Digital Approach in Lingual Orthodontic Treatment
  • Apr. 11, 2020 (Sat.) 16:30~17:30
  • Taiwan


  • MSc. of Orthodontics, National Taiwan University Active member of World Society of Lingual Orthodontics(WSLO)
  • President of Taiwan Association of Lingual Orthodontists(TALO)
  • Assistant professor, Ministry of Education, Taiwan
  • Certified Orthodontic specialist, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan
  • Former director of dental department, St.Joseph Hospital, Taiwan
  • Former attending physician of dental department, E-Da Hospital, Taiwan
  • Taiwan lecturer, Myofunctional therapy of MRC and EF line


Precise indirect bonding is essential for comtemporary lingual orthodontic treatment and it can be divided into two crucial part :model setup and transfer jig fabrication. However,digital model setup has its precision and convenience compared with traditional manual model setup. For instance, we can evaluate arch symmetry,bolton ratio,occlual interference and possible IPR amount very fast. Besides,different treatment plan simulation and technique sensitive bracket positioning decision will be also efficient to carry out easily. Therefore,my new innovative hybrid type of indirect bonding system can be divided into two part as follows: 1.Digital component: model setup,bracket positioning, individualized arch form template, guiding wire abutment design, then print out the 3D setup model with guiding wire abutment 2.Manual component: real guiding wire bending with printed out digital guiding wire template, individual transfer jig fabrication with traditional Hiro and Kommon base method. Special design 3D printed out setup model also friendly if you would like to adjust tooth position and doing rebonding In summary, this innovative indirect bonding system combined both digital and manual merits is versatile in my daily lingual practice.


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